Germondt Flint

An old knight who has experienced enough for a life time


Germondt Flint is a 6’4’’, 56 year old knight who has greying/red hair. He is proficient in animal handling, athletics, history, and intimidation. stian-dahlslett-viking-warriors_2.jpgAs a squire, Flint was trained in the use of horse and lance as well as the long sword but for most part he now uses the great ax. He usually wears half plate armor over common clothes and has a knack for blending in to crowds and integrating himself into the nooks and crannies of society.


Early Life

Germondt Flint was literally born in the middle of a bar fight. At the time his mother and father had been traveling from Baford when quite suddenly his mothers water broke, forcing them to rush to the only building immediately visible, a small tavern called The Highwayman’s Scraps. Most of the patrons quickly cleared a space for the birthing to take place but there where a few who were not so accommodating. Thus as the tavern owners wife helped Flints mother give birth, the tavern owner helped his father fight off a very drunk miller, blacksmith, hunter, and carpenter. In the end, on the morning of the 17th of Oak Moon two groups left The Highwayman’s Scrap, one with bruises, the other with a newborn.

Military Life and the North

The Flints were upstarts in the area, having just come into their wealth through somewhat dubious means, primarily raiding and war profiteering. Due to this they were rather disliked by both the noble and military communities.

Despite this, at the age of 14, Flint became a squire and quickly found that he was both a skilled warrior and that strict military life did not suit him. Before Flint could put any plans of desertion in motion however, he was promoted to an officer in the famous military company, The Amber Spear, and deployed, first to help put down Sara’s Rebellion and then finally to Sistribyr. While in The North, Flint led his men into a disastrous engagement with enemy troops leading to the deaths of nearly two thirds of his men and the collapse of the military operation. Not being able to face what he had done, Flint finally deserted, starting a new life in The North and becoming a well liked and, relatively well known giant slayer and weapons trainer. frost_giant_by_laclillac-d30zjqr.jpg
Flint with other adventurers encountering frost giants in The Ice Teeth.

During his time in the north, Flint started adventuring with a group that often met at the The Bearded Blanket Tavern and included Lisa “Dirk” Auldhild. The two would become good friends.

In recent times, Flint has been forced to flee the north as a wanted man as the authorities have claimed he has committed murder, theft, rape, arson, and attempted regicide. In reality however, the only crime Flint committed was that of sleeping with Liliana Caxgil, the daughter of the former Lord-Mayor of the north, Luther Caxgil. Despite the claims of Caxgil, the coitus was consensual but Liliana is now living with convent of dragon priests after she was sent there by her father.

Now Flint is adventuring with a group out of the new settlement of Midwatch. This group once included Rinn Calithildir, Balar Lioneyes, Kunchen Pema, and Seth Greycastle but one by one each of them has either been killed or left to start a new life. At the moment he travels with Edward R. Lazarus and Orwen.

Religion and Beliefs

Flint has never been a particularly pious man but occasionally he has been known to pray at the alters of The Warrior, The Warden, The Roamer, and in his younger days The Teacher. As Flint has gotten older, and has seen almost everyone he is close to pass on, he has also started paying more attention to The Taker, especially during and before the increasing amount stressful and dangerous situations that he has recently been encountering.

Burning_Castle_by_Seb_M.jpg Flint watches the siege of Last Watch from across the river.

Germondt Flint

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