Kunchen Pema

Sage, wizard, elf


Kunchen Pema is a 5’7’’, 374 year old Sage from the Temple of Thamor, lost in the snows of the Mountains of Madness. His notable skills include training in the knoweldge of magic & alchemical nature and a superior knowledge of the lore and history of the great horn. He is also skilled in the delicate arts of stealth, perception, and investigation.
His wizarding nature causes him to stray way from weapons and armor alike, instead opting to employ battle magic and protection spells. His most recognizable spell is the infamous “Thunderclap”, which he has used in many of his adventures.


Kunchen Pema died the 26th of thunder moon, 625

“The man was as dumb as a wall of stone, but I watched him cook 10 people alive in one go. Didn’t take much, just some spoken words. His pyromancy was legendary. The elf could topple stone towers, just by clapping his hands.
He sent a raging river down upon hundreds of bandits, no remorse.” – Lord Seth Greycastle, first of his name.

Kunchen Pema

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