Longhorinim "Long" Tomas

Half Elf ranger/ Bard


Half elf Ranger/Bard


Early Life

Long was born in the Redlands in The moving city of Edelnoma to the Tomas Clan. Raised by his mother, he spent the first ten years of his life causing mischief, playing instruments, and fighting and hunting with his clan cousins. As he aged, it seemed that Long had an ear for language. Within the space of his childhood, he had learned most all of the common languages native to the Great Horn. He excelled as a trader and many different goods past in front of his eyes from near and far. Soon after Long was able to appraise most any object quickly and correctly, he then began to trade.


On his twenty third birthday, a huge raid was conducted on the city. Rumor had it that the Buldikies had committed the raid but no one was sure. Long’s mother died in the attack. Long, who’s father was unknown to him, set off across the wilderness where he lived roving and trading with the various nomads for the next several years, attempting revenge on the goblins, but the wilds of the Redlands were harsh and the goblins elusive. Long, giving up his reckless venture, began to travel south. He had heard the tales of the dangers that lived in the south. Dangerous robbers, bandits, goblins and all the monsters and treasure a foolhardy adventurers crave. so he walked for three weeks. He trekked the Hounds Wood forests, with its loggers and mysterious noises. Twice he was lost and found his way to the base of the Chalk Mountains. It was there he was captured, caught while he was sleeping. The half elf found himself robbed of his goods and chained behind others. His captors were Bugbears; large, mean and smelly. He was tortured and made to walk south. What little he gathered from their conversation, for he spoke little goblinoid, they were to be sold in the slave ports at a system of caves. This troubled him considerably. He shared these aspirations when he could with his chain mates: a human boy name Humes and gnome named Leom. A month into travel Leom died of dehydration, disturbing Long and making him numb to the rest of his hardship. A night later, Long was bagged and sold to a mysterious buyer in the woods by Lastwatch. Much later long came into contact with a very powerful item the famed polyhedron of power. When long rolled the magic die his elvish blood and ancestry was ripped from his body leaving him utterly human.

Longhorinim "Long" Tomas

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