The Floating City of Sewick

Sewick, “the Floating City”, is an independent collection of various boats, ships, and galleons conjoined by walkways to form an off shore settlement.


Sewick was founded in 319 AE by a group of pirates from what was then the prison of Westwatch. They decided to lash their ships together and form an always moving free city where any individual could operate freely, without the restrictions of law. These pirates became the joint Lord-Mayors, called Governors, ruling over the city as a council.

The city quickly gained attention, and grew exponentially. In 321, the Taker’s Hand, a popular assassin’s guild, formed in Sewick. This attracted hundreds of criminals to the city, overwhelming the council. In 322 Griswoldo Yew, a prominent noble was assassinated by the Taker’s Hand.

The Floating City of Sewick

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