The Great Changing

In the year 417, the northeast area of the Great Horn was under terrible strife. A great battle raged between High Elf and Human, staining the ground with blood and violence, and fracturing already desperately relations within of the Great Horn. The battle, commonly called The Great Changing, lasted for eight months, by the end of which both sides were so morally exhausted that neither one exactly declared defeat or victory.
The terminology of “The Great Changing” comes from the ordinance and formidable artillery fire that was cast upon each other by the two sides’ magic-wielders. After days and nights of cowering in fear and returning volleys of fire, lightning, and other-worldy entities, the landscape of the northeast Great Horn had been so drastically transformed that the once lush, rolling hills and green pastures were now barren and filled with noxious gasses and marshy wastelands.


The Great Changing stemmed from pre-existing tensions between the Humans and High Elves, sometimes called Eladrin, of Steadfast. At the time, Steadfast was a mostly human and dwarven settlement, led by Erlic of Thenn, a poor but ambitious dwarven miner. In order to take the seat of Lord-Mayor, Erlic reached out to the nearby faction of Eladrin merchants, living to the north of Steadfast on the banks of the Whip. Erlic promised these merchants large claims of Steadfast if they helped him gain power. When the dwarf became Lord-Mayor, the Eladrin took over most parts of the city, expelling the near entire population of humans. In retaliation, the humans traveled to the Eladrin home and began to destroy it with powerful magic. The Eladrin merchants learned of this and retaliated tenfold with their own wizards, eventually escalating into the conflict known as The Great Changing.

The great changing led to the creation of The Order of the Black Goat and the transition from a riparian ecosystem to less fertile swampland. (Expand)

The Great Changing

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